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              • Maximum file size: 10mb
                Supported file formats: doc, txt, jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, pdf

              Brand style guide creation

              Sooner or later a goal-oriented company reaches the time when it wants to stand out among the competitors and build a strong position in the market. It implements corporate rules, defines corporate values and outlines inside philosophy.  Brand style guide turns to be must-have.

              Brand book is a corporate bible.

              Brand guide is a manual for company’s employees who should implement and support brand mission. It is a reflection of company’s philosophy, ideology, everything the company broadcasts. Brand book is a part of marketing strategy which contains also tagline and trade mark information, logo use, in other words – corporate style rules.

              Company brand style guide is a cost-effective lasting marketing solution for your business.

              Best brand books are owned by the world business giants, such as:

              • Foursquare. Right from the start they broadcast brand mission. Further they display corporate style elements which make the brand recognizable, starting from logo and ending with flyers, business cards, booklets, etc.
              • AIESEC. Together with mission and philosophy their brandbook  contains  ad communication scheme.
              • Mozilla Firefox. Here emotions go through the roof. They broadcast messages appealing to support corporate ideology.

              By the way, most known companies in their brand guides display branded merchandise examples which they present to their clients.  These are pens, bags, notepads, T-shirts, etc.

              What are the brand book creation principles?

              • Corporate brand mission and philosophy, company’s goals to reach are essential part of any brand book
              • Information should be brief and well-structured
              • Information should be understandable for every user
              • Information should work

              Brand style guide structure has its peculiarities:

              • Brand personality
              • Logo Identity guidelines  (logo use and misuse rules)
              • Corporate typefaces  and colors
              • Stationary
              • Corporate templates
              • Printed communications
              • Imagery
              • Interior and Exterior, etc.

              Brand book size can vary and depend on the size and desires of the company.

              Remember, brand book prevents brand damage from outside companies therefore it is essential in your business.

              Order brand book creation from professionals.

              Our prices for brand book creation are very affordable. We will design your business! Browse our brief portfolio.