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              Brand style design

              Is there insufficient demand for your product or service?

              You don’t know how to beat the competitors?

              Is your brand or reputation under threat?


              We have the know how to promote your business. Corporate identity creation is a powerful marketing instrument! Order corporate identity design from TONIC GROUP!

              Logo and brand identity development

              It is often hard for consumers to distinguish one product/service from the other. They do not want to waste time going through labels. It is therefore crucial to make your advertising campaign stand out. A recognizable logo, color, typeface and slogan will ensure a strong brand identity amongst your customers and create product awareness.

              “I’ve heard about it and I will choose it”, that’s the way consumers think. For them corporate identity is the way to save time, it is simplicity of choice and positive emotion.

              What is the importance of corporate brand identity?

              • Attract new clients.
              • Create a positive image and good reputation.
              • Retain Customer loyalty without additional expense on advertising.
              • Reduce advertising costs for various marketing events.

              Order corporate identity design and make your brand recognizable, increase your sales and income.

              Basic visual corporate identity elements include:

              • Naming

                Naming is gaining an exclusive memorable company name.

              • Logo

                Logo is a graphical original mark that identifies the company or its products. Logo is the most important element of brand identity.

              • Slogan

                Slogan is a brand recall, striking memorable phrase. It is the expression of an idea or purpose of the company.

              • Font

                Font emphasizes brand features. It is very important element of corporate identity.

              • Color palette

                Color is a strong way to make a memorable association with your company.

              • Brand story

                Brand story is a picture made up of facts and feelings. It helps you to build strong relationships with your clients and is the way your company is perceived.

              • Brand ambassador

                Brand ambassador embodies the corporate identity in appearance and manner, which helps to increase brand awareness.

              • Other elements

                Сorporate anthem, layout scheme, corporate clothing, etc.

              Corporate identity elements also include:

              Corporate attributes:

              Corporate attributes: business cards, logo stamp, letterhead, price labels, folders.

              Different types of advertising:

              Different types of advertising: TV and radio commercials, press advertising, outdoor advertising, transport advertising, etc.


              Packaging, labels, stickers, guidelines, accompanying documents.

              Navigation sign boards:

              Outdoor advertising, door signs, direction signs.

              PR campaign attributes:

              Booklets, posters, calendars, souvenirs, bags, flyers, information sheets and price lists.

              Corporate identity from TONIC design is

              • Memorable brand image creation
              • Meeting your customer’s needs
              • Set of key corporate identity elements
              • Unique corporate style design

              Please inquire for corporate identity pricing from Tonic Design and visit our brief portfolio.

              Brand style developed by professionals is an effective instrument to boost your business and to create a successful company!