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              Logo design

              One of the key elements of corporate identity design is logo. Logo serves as visual identification of the brand, its integral part. Logo helps to identify a product or a brand while protecting against know offs as well guarantees intellectual property protection in the court. For a consumer logo is the quality guarantor.

              What is logo?

              Logotype is some kind of company’s image or face in the form of a graphic mark or emblem with company’s lettering, in full or short version. Logos are made to highlight company’s style, to separate it from competitors. Logo style represents not only graphic design but communicates strategy of a company.

              There are three basic types of logos:

              • Symbolic – a symbol or an icon delivering some certain idea.
              • Logotype/wordmark – communicates company’s profile.
              • Combination mark – the most common type of the logo.

              The more professional the logo design is, the higher is the corporate image. Symbol of the trade mark sign should have the meaning. If the meaning is not clear for the customer or the logo is not recognizable and memorable, such kind of logotype will have no longevity. Logo design should be made by professionals to inspire trust and loyalty.

              The most common mistakes in logo design:

              • Expensive logo design cost. Strive for excellence is good but it is not always worth spending much money on logo creation as its main task is to work for the benefit of your business. For instance, Nike logo cost 35 dollars though PEPSI spent a million.
              • Trendy logo design. Fashion is changeable. Today you are in trend, tomorrow you are out. Logo longevity is essential.
              • Similar look. Don’t try to copy existing brands. Be unique in your logo design.

              LOGO DESIGN

              Corporate style and logo design include several basic principles:

              • Clear and simple. Each element should be an integral part of the whole, bear some certain meaning.
              • Avoid multiple colors, small details, hard to read fonts – don’t overload the emblem, its legibility is the first step to being recognized by customers.
              • Readability – a logo must be easily readable.
              • Logo design should endure the time and be effective even decades after.
              • Graphics and color should support certain corporate image, company’s strategy
              • Logo should be scalable to fit both a business card or a billboard.
              • Logotype should be unique in idea and implementation.
              • Logo should evoke the desire to understand the meaning of it.

              Prior to starting logo design, we do the preliminary market analysis, define target audience and think on the details which can convey the intended message and identify a business. Competitors should be analyzed very thoroughly to avoid similarities.

              Logo design cost

              Cost for logo design varies. As the practice shows, the cheaper the logo design cost, the worse is the outcome.
              Tonic group offers professional logo design at a reasonable cost. We will develop a sign which will make your company stand out and will last for decades, which will get the customers attached to your symbol.
              Remember, marketing formula of successful business is an effective brand.