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            Estimate my project

              • Maximum file size: 10mb
                Supported file formats: doc, txt, jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, pdf

              Booklet graphic design

              What makes a person keep your booklet for more than 5 minutes?

              What booklet won’t become waste just after being given away?

              What booklet will make a consumer find out more about your company?

              The booklet developed by TONIC GROUP!

              We have an intimate knowledge of how collaterals affect the company image. We develop effective booklets supporting sales of goods and services. Don’t waste a chance to set up direct communication with target audience and evoke interest to your product! Order booklet design.

              How does the dream booklet look like?

              It appeals to target audience.

              It attracts attention of potential customers, it consults interests of TA, it accentuates company’s brand image.

              It is pictorial and catchy.

              One or several key messages with brief text part. Powerful accents. For example, unique die-cut, glossy cover, etc. At the same time promo booklet layout should be tight and elegant with reasoned accents.

              It is legible

              Main task for the font is to convey information. Booklet should be clear and simple. Maximum 3 fonts, not more. One font with three styles would be the best choice.

              Is it catchy

              Small gift inside guarantees long life to your booklet. A discount card or a coupon will make your ad live longer.

              It is well thought out.

              All images and text fragments work together no matter whether booklet is folded or not. Only high quality paper (quality finish will add value to your booklet, the bad one will kill it). Printing method depends on the quantity: up to 500 pieces – digital printing, 500 and more – offset printing.

              What are the stages for booklet development in Tonic Design?

              Booklet style – it is a complex and creative process. To get positive feedback we take into account company brand image, consumers’ demand, and company’s strong points. Mixing all that we get a unique booklet highlighting company’s soul and character, appealing and understandable for the customer.

              Booklet development incudes concept development, size, paper and printing technique selection. Images and text are well thought out.

              Main steps for booklet development:

              Step 1. Visuals selection. We work with images considering the brand style and company logo. Booklet layout is designed to trigger good emotions. All our intentions are directed to increase consumer interest from the beginning.

              Step 2. Release of information. Copywriter prepares content (product/services description, slogan, contact details). We apply two main rules – compactness and relevance. 90% of useful information and 10% of teasing one. We choose key details showing off your company, highlighting exclusivity of the product. We create a slogan which has brand linkage, is easy to remember and appealing.

              Step 3. Booklet design. We fit together pictures and text. We work out the outlook of each page, thinking out fonts, margins, columns, relationships of information and images. Our ideal booklet is intuitive and understandable with legible text and images. Together they form a unique collateral.

              Step 4. Making corrections. We check again and again to avoid misprints and mistakes which can ruin the image of your company. Besides, we are making corrections according to your comments.

              Step 5. Printing. The booklet design is over. The next step is no less important. We prepare files fromr print. We re-check format and proofs. Mistakes are unacceptable; booklets are printed in large quantities.

              Find out the cost of booklet design. Contact our manager, he/she will be happy to answer any of your question.

              Estimate my project

                • Maximum file size: 10mb
                  Supported file formats: doc, txt, jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, pdf

                  • Maximum file size: 10mb
                    Supported file formats: doc, txt, jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, pdf

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