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            Estimate my project

              • Maximum file size: 10mb
                Supported file formats: doc, txt, jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, pdf

              Desk calendar design and print

              Corporate calendar with boring design and dull pictures is the best way to leave no impression after your company.  If you take the other path and you’re into the non-traditional calendars, come in, you are welcomed to contact Tonic Group agency. We will help you to fill the walls of your client or partner.

              Corporate calendar is better than a golden pen.

              Pages of a calendar can convey company values, its positioning.  If well made, this print material will get worth a golden pen. That means you ‘ve managed to fulfill your main purpose – you’ve set up an emotional contact and got a feedback from your target audience. Your company’s image will linger in their mind all year round.

              4 values of corporate calendars:

              1. It reminds on the brand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
              2. Makes gentle impact on partners and clients
              3. It is both a present and an advertising tool
              4. It is a cost-effective long lasting advertising material

              Ideal corporate calendar

              We’ve chosen 4 basic parameters which make corporate calendars an effective marketing tool.

              • Striking concept/idea. No matter whether it is a company brand story or something else, our theme should be perceptible and appealing for your target audience.
              • High quality artwork. Quality over quantity. Plenty of bright pictures cause headache. We choose those which maximally fit the purpose and concept.
              • Company presentation. Corporate calendar is a great marketing instrument for representing your brand. Each calendar page can softly introduce products and services.
              • Unique calendar grid. You are tired of standard calendars? We will offer a unique calendar solution for you. On the calendar you can schedule company’s notable dates, for example meetings or promo campaigns.

              Corporate calendar: which is right for you?

              Calendar type depends on your marketing strategy and budget.

              • Pocket calendar. It is the best solution for economy and middle class segment. It is good for mass distribution. The most cost-effective solution.
              • Desk calendar. Compact and reasonably priced. Right in front of your eyes. This calendar would make a cute and affordable gift to your business partners.
              • Wall calendar, monlthycalendar. It helps to keep track of important dates and manage schedule. It represents face of a brand.

              Hurry up to order corporate calendars!