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            Promo flyer design

            A flyer is a form of paper advertisement with huge marketing potential.
            Its three main values:

            1. Cost-efficiency
            2. Quick mass promotion
            3. Getting people’s attention, boost of sales

            Start your advertising campaign with flyers designed by TONIC group agency.

            Flyer design which sells! What is the ideal flyer?

            • Flyer format A6 is just the right size. Bright and cheerful colors, stunning design. Nothing extra
            • High quality printing. Print quality strongly affects the perception of printed images. Black and white printing is ok for super economy segment only. In all other cases full color printing is preferred.
            • Eye-catching design. Just a glance should be enough to attract attention.

            What do we do to create effective flyers?

            We take into account many nuances: target audience, type of flyer, flyer format and even a season.

            • We determine target audience. That’s the first stage.
            • We select bright illustrations for expressive and responsive design.
            • We answer the questions: what, when, where? We don’t create content-heavy flyers.
            • We work out attention-grabbing headline. Your headline sells your product. The headline alone can make or break your promo material.
            • We never forget surprises inside: either a promo coupon or some other benefit.

            A flyer or a booklet?

            Booklets aren’t normally given out as freely as flyers. They are better used in more targeted campaigns. Several flyers will be cheaper for giving away purpose to make an announcement or whatever, couple of flyers will do the same job as the booklet but will cost cheaper for mass promotion. Order flyer design from Tonic group.