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              Key visual creation

              A picture is perceived many times faster than text. You don’t have to ponder on the words and sense. Tonic design agency pays much attention to visual aspect of communication.

              What is a key visual?

              A key visual is an image that communicates the key message of advertisement with regards to the target audience. It’s a visual communication tool conveying information on the product or service.

              The core task of a key visual is to serve as visual reference to the product and its values.

              Our design studio develops key visuals which make your advertisement successful and increase your sales. Our visuals support your idea of how people should feel about the product.

              Key visuals developed by Tonic Group are

              • Understandable – clear for the target audience
              • Producing pleasant sensations
              • Well-defined – without any irrelevant information
              • Reinforcing required impression on the product
              • Considering tastes of Target audience and their stereotypes

              To develop maximally effective key visual we approach the task from different sides:

              • from company’s side
              • from market side
              • from customer’s side


              Using just one archetype in ad campaign will make it complete and impressive.
              Have you even noticed that in the half dark what you see can deceive you. Your brain seeks to fill in the picture if you don’t see it in details. That refers not only to pictures but also to flavor, taste, etc. The same happens when you watch advertisement using archetypes. They embody a universally known set of characteristics and evoke emotions. Emotional response is essential under conditions of intense competition.

              Archetypes help to get into consumer’s head and turn them to own views. They leverage an intuitive way consumers process information.
              According to BrandAsset Valuator research, brands using at least one archetype become more successful and increase their sales.

              That’s just only one of the multiple secrets we use by key visual creation.

              Contact Tonic Group advertising agency for powerful visual communication services.