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            label and package design

            European market is becoming more attractive for local suppliers and if a manufacturer tends to enter Western market it should have strong and correct brand positioning. Proper package design impacts not only customer’s opinion about the product but about the company as well.

            Influencing shopping behavior the company can benefit a lot.

            PACKAGE DESIGN guidelines:

            Packaging is important for portraying information about the product. Package design includes careful analysis of consumer and the product. Few marketing secrets of package design will help you to win over customers.

            For instance:

            • Packaging design should be eye-popping. It should get consumers to notice the package.
            • Packaging should reinforce consumers’ expectations of the product. Recyclable and environmentally sensitive packaging will add value to your company. A green leaf or a twig in design can make a hint. Unique packaging concept will not only make an impact on the shelf but may serve as a home décor accessor
            • Product packaging should be meaningful and understandable to the consumer otherwise he will appreciate the product less.
            • See-through window can also help to evoke some emotion

            PRODUCT LABELING is no less important.

            Packaging and label impression is an important requirement for good product sales.

            Inspiring label design is even capable to influence the taste of a product if it is food and can successfully manipulate the consumers in other sectors of consumption. Typefaces, symbols, images, label sizes, they all appeal to consumer.

            Tonic advertising agency offers you personalized innovative packaging and label design which will help you to create contemporary brand style.

            Order package and label design from experts.